“When COVID-19 mushroomed into a global pandemic, production work disappeared almost overnight. It is impossible to predict when it might return…


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

The late literary genius and humanist nonpareil James Baldwin spoke for Black Lives Matter decades before the movement gained a name. And as a gay black man, born poor, he understood in a profound sense.

Baldwin’s gifts included the ability to study himself and report, however painful or unflattering…

Why courtesy counts for more than romance

Yesterday, after spending the preceding waking hours running in furious circles and generally comporting myself like a week’s worth of bad news, my friend called.

We’d scheduled a video chat (the vomitous de rigueur of current social interaction) and, armed with a glass of cava, I sat down, propped my…

As a teacher, I constantly try to improve — to communicate more effectively and inform more thoroughly. There are two ways to approach this: perfect my existing knowledge or plunge into something unfamiliar.

My druthers are always to do more of what…

Cila Warncke

Writer. Teacher. https://cwarnckewriter.com #writer #teacher #feminist #immigrant

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